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"utterly convincing portraits of love " Broadway World

" .. strong piece of theatre" Broadway Baby

"emotionally charged and thought-provoking theatre" The Gay UK

"a masterclass on the art of the monologue" Beige

"words always deeply poetic" Views from the Gods

" .. well acted and craftily staged" britishtheatreguide.info

".. thoroughly enjoyable .. have you laughing" All Edinburgh Theatre

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"at times completely terrifying." The Stage

"physically vivid and playful rendition" britishtheatreguide.info

"I particularly liked ... Martin Foreman's Luka" playstosee.com

"welcome cameo ... suitably mysterious, baffling and comic" viewsfromthegods.co.uk

"compellingly wheezing, sepulchral version of Uncle Fester" All Edinburgh Theatre                        


The reviews above come from intermittent appearances on stage during the last six years. I have, however, become increasingly aware of my limitations as an actor in the theatre, where retakes are impossible and which requires intense, uninterrupted focus on a character and an ability to combine speech, expressions, gestures such that the audience is convinced that the character exists far beyond the scene and stage where they momentarily appear. I may be able to convey that in short sequences in a film but do not have the talent to do so night after night in a theatre.

I have therefore decided to stop seeking roles on stage. Although I may still take on appearances in film, my creative focus is now on writing for and directing in the theatre.


EGTG Macbeth

2-act drama adapted and directed by Naomi Wallis-Ryder
for EGTG


Portrait of a Painter

90-second film written and directed by Euan Gilmour
for Beyond Studios


Kevin Pickering Close to the Bone
August 2018: Bronze Award
Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film in the Queen Palm International Film Festival

Roy in Close to the Bone
a short film from
writer/director Kevin Pickering
producer Lewis Wardrop
commissioned by

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Creative Scotland


Alan Ayckbourn's Wildest Dreams appeared as
Austen Skate
Alan Ayckbourn's
Wildest Dreams
at the
Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh
11 - 14 November

"a compellingly wheezing, sepulchral version of Uncle Fester"
All Edinburgh Theatre


June 2016 Roy in Close to the Bone (short film) details and photo One Eleven Films
writer: Kevin Pickering
director: Kevin Pickering

November 2015 Austen Skate in Wildest Dreams (play) review and photo Edinburgh Graduates Theatre Group
writer: Alan Ayckbourn
director: Sara-Jane McGeachy

April 2014 Commuter in A Man Who Lost His Mind (play) review and photo 11:11 Productions
writer: Matthew Crowley
director: Kellie Jane Walters

Jan / Feb / May 2013 Steve Marks in Clouds of Grey (play) Pot-Kettle-Black Productions
written & directed by Seth Jones

September 2012 Killer (voiceover) in Grander Design (video installation)
artist: Myles Painter

July 2012 Priest in Angel (one-man play)
Lord Stanley, London
writer: Martin Foreman
director: Emma King-Fowler

June 2012 Luka in The Lower Depths (play)
review and photos
Lord Stanley, London
writer: Maxim Gorky
director: Victor Sobchak

February - March 2012 Roderigo / Executioner / Keeper in
The Duchess of Malfi (play)
reviews and photos
Greenwich Playhouse, London
writer: John Webster
director: Bruce Jamieson

January 2012 Charles the Wrestler / Jaques de Boys in
As You Like It (play)
White Bear, London
writer: William Shakespeare
director: Marianna Vogt

November 2011 Spike in The Players (short film)
Keep It Tidy Productions
written & directed by Ben Garfield


December 2012 Mike in O Sole Mio (student film)
director: Emil Alexander Jensen
Time D Productions

October 2012 Drunk in Against Me: Animal (music video)
director: Robin Rippmann

September 2012 Body Bag Man in The King Is Dead (short film)
written & directed: Richard Higson
Curve Films

August 2012 punter in 30 Minute Love Affair
Paloma Faith music video

January 2012 Gilbert's Father in Act One (student film)
written & directed: Wilson Lau

My playscripts from
Arbery Publications

Angel Take This Body Martin Foreman

Angel: Take This Body

Californian Lives by Martin Foreman

Californian Lives:
Three one-(wo)man plays

Now We Are Pope Frederick Rolfe Martin Foreman

Now We Are Pope:
Frederick Rolfe in Venice

Tadzio Speaks . . .
Death in Venice Revisited

Ben Jonson's Volpone adapted by Martin Foreman

Volpone: A New Version

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