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"utterly convincing portraits of love " Broadway World

" .. strong piece of theatre" Broadway Baby

"emotionally charged and thought-provoking theatre" The Gay UK

"a masterclass on the art of the monologue" Beige

"words always deeply poetic" Views from the Gods

" .. well acted and craftily staged" britishtheatreguide.info

".. thoroughly enjoyable .. have you laughing" All Edinburgh Theatre

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"thoroughly enjoyable ... keep you on your toes ... have you laughing"
All Edinburgh Theatre

He's dying to get rich

In this classic farce wealthy Volpone seeks to become wealthier still, persuading the rich citizens of Venice he is dying, so they will give him presents to become his sole heir.

A new version of the play - with some changes of gender - set in the nineteenth century.



J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown The Rose and Crown Edinburgh Fringe 2016

J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016
directed by Martin Foreman

"fine resurrection of a gem...Thoroughly enjoyable!"

"well acted and craftily staged"

"carefully builds up an atmosphere"
all reviews
In turns comic, moving and spine-chilling, The Rose and Crown is a rarely performed but powerful one-act play by the Yorkshire playwright best known for An Inspector Calls.
In a working-class pub in post-war 1940s London, a group of drinkers are complaining about their lives when a stranger enters and makes an unusual request.

J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown     The Rose and Crown J B Priestley 2016 copyright Walter Hampson

The same production, for the Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group ("The Grads"),
won the Bob Buchanan Salver in the Eastern Divisional Final of the
Scottish Community Drama Association One-Act Festival on 2 April 2016

My playscripts from
Arbery Publications

Angel Take This Body Martin Foreman

Angel: Take This Body

Californian Lives by Martin Foreman

Californian Lives:
Three one-(wo)man plays

Now We Are Pope Frederick Rolfe Martin Foreman

Now We Are Pope:
Frederick Rolfe in Venice

Tadzio Speaks . . .
Death in Venice Revisited


Desire and Pursuit at the Etcetera Theatre London

Desire and Pursuit
Now We Are Pope
Tadzio Speaks . . .

written and directed by
Martin Foreman

Edinburgh Fringe, 18 - 23 August


written by Matthew Crowley
directed by Kellie Walters
featuring Martin Foreman
"A welcome cameo . . . suitably mysterious,
baffling and comic"

White Bear Theatre, London 13 - 14 April

written and directed by
Martin Foreman
Christopher Annus and Christopher Peacock

"four stars" "captivating plays"
"engaging and expressive performances"
"wonderfully believable characters"
"proved exactly why one-man plays retain their place in the dramatic repertoire"
"strong performances"
"a sinister theme that packed a punch"
The London Theatre, London 18 - 23 March

written and directed by
Martin Foreman
featuring Christopher Peacock

"Martin Foreman writes with great elegance, his words always deeply poetic"
"a deeply personal remembrance and one we're privileged to overhear"
"Peacock takes the material and owns it on stage"
Lord Stanley Theatre, London Jul 2013
Etcetera Theatre, London Nov 2013

by Martin Foreman
featuring Robin Holden
Carolyn Lyster, John Vernon
directed by Emma King-Farlow

"a beautifully perceptive production" "four stars"
"fine descriptive writing and skilled acting ensure that our attention never wanders"
"writing sparkles at times and is shot through with wry humour and an air of melancholy."

King's Head, London Apr-May 2013
OSO Arts Centre, London Sep 2013

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